The start of each year is a hopeful time. People vow to go to the gym more or decide they're going to quit smoking. Everyone has something they want to improve about themselves but busy schedules, unexpected injuries or illnesses, and even stress  can often be a reason these new year resolutions seem to come to a halt a few months after starting them. This can also be true with remodeling. There always seems to be something about your home that you want to fix or improve but we never get around to doing it. I'm going to tell you a few projects that most of us think about but rarely tackle and give you some tips on how to finally  get these projects completed.

 Remodeling Kitchen or Bath

Many people have this dream kitchen or bath all drawn up in their heads but never take the time to follow through and make their dreams a reality. To a lot of people, just the thought of these projects can be very overwhelming. Besides for the aesthetic qualities, a beautiful new kitchen or bath can increase the value of your home. It takes careful planning and budgeting to ensure it runs smoothly, but even with the best planning these projects can encounter challenges along the way since they can involve plumbing, gas lines, and fixtures. These things, however, shouldn't keep you from giving yourself the house you've always dreamed of. Begin by making a detailed plan of your dream room, but be realistic about the costs. To put in the island of your dreams, for example, may mean you'll have to cut back on the cost of your cabinets. Having us as your contractor, we will help you adjust your plan to fit your budget so we can tackle this project and finally give you the dream kitchen or bath that you've been wanting.

Defeating Clutter

Having a home that is clutter free and organized can reduce stress immensely.  We all want to be organized and minimize our stress, but the truth is that our stress is keeping us from getting organized! The one thing that holds us back from reducing clutter is that we think we have to get it all done in one day.  You have to start small.  Choose the room that you think would make the biggest difference in your  daily life if you could just get it organized. From there focus on getting rid of things you don't need. I made the rule that if I haven't touched it in months or I have completely forgotten about owning the item then I don't need to keep it.  Work on this room , even if it's only for an hour a week, until it is finished and then choose the next room to move on to.  Working on one room at a time will make this process feel less overwhelming than if you were to try and organize your whole house at one time.

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​​Does Your Home Need Some New Year's Resolutions?

Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

A lot of people are looking for ways to conserve energy in their homes to help save money on bills. Who doesn't love the idea of saving money? Installing programmable thermostats, adding installation to the attic, and replacing old windows and doors are a few ways you can make your home more energy efficient.  Budget concerns are a common reason people don't follow through with completing this project.  If your windows are old and leaky, it may be time to replace them with energy-efficient models. Just like your organizing project, you can tackle this project one task at a time.  Take a look at your finances and start with what you can afford.  For the larger projects, you may have to adjust your priorities in order to save money.

2016 is coming to a close in less than two weeks, start 2017 on the right foot by knowing which projects you want to tackle. Make a plan and follow through. You deserve to have the home you've always dreamed of.